Pixelworks technology powers HMD Global’s new 5G smartphone, Nokia 8.3, with PureDisplay for immersive 5G content

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March 20, 2020 – Pixelworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW), a leading provider of industry-leading low-power video processing solutions, today announced that Nokia’s 5G smartphone with PureDisplay viewing experience 8.3 uses the Pixelworks vision processor. As the first 5G smartphone from HMD Global, the Nokia 8.3 brings cinema-quality large-screen technology to consumers and delivers an exceptional mobile entertainment experience on a cost-effective premium smartphone. The phone’s crisp, lifelike Display in all lighting environments allows consumers to immerse themselves in ready-to-go video and interactive games made more pervasive by ultra-fast 5G networks.

The Nokia 8.3 phone powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon™765G module platform has the largest PureDisplay display on a Nokia smartphone to date. The 6.81-inch bezel-less screen features PureDisplay technology powered by the Pixelworks vision processor, which includes these advanced features:

  ·Full-time HDR – Accurately display HDR video in immersive detail in up to a billion colors, and convert all other content to an HDR experience in real-time for a full-time cinematic experience.

  ·Enhanced image quality – With excellent colour accuracy, sharpness and local contrast, the Nokia 8.3 smartphone’s screen displays images in vivid and accurate colours, while revealing hidden details in dark areas and in bright light without excessive Expose other parts of the image.

  ·Adaptive Display – Dynamically adjusts to compensate for ambient light while maintaining image quality for easy viewing in all viewing conditions, from dimly lit rooms to sunny outdoors, with excellent clarity at all times.

  ·Absolute Color Accuracy – With Pixelworks’ efficient display calibration capabilities, consumers can reproduce moments captured in photos and videos with vivid, lifelike colors, enjoy worry-free online shopping with accurate color matching, and lifelike gaming experiences.

Even if the content is only in Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) format, the Pixelworks processor delivers true-to-life color reproduction and immersive full-time HDR quality for any stream, video or game. This is achieved by dynamically increasing color depth and detail by a factor of 64, turning all entertainment content into an unforgettable visual experience.

Juho Sarvikas, global chief product officer at HMD, said: “With the rapid growth of mobile video consumption, smartphone displays must provide immersive full-time HDR visuals, excellent color accuracy and Clarity is of the essence. We are delighted to continue our partnership with Pixelworks to further enhance the quality of PureDisplay products for our first 5G customers. It is this engaging visual experience that makes the Nokia 8.3 a 5G smartphone A truly affordable high-end entertainment device with great performance.”

Anthony Gioeli, executive vice president and general manager of video equipment at Pixelworks, said: “HMD Global continues to use Nokia’s PureDisplay technology in its first 5G smartphone to set new standards in image quality. more premium display experiences at affordable prices. We look forward to working with HMD to continue pushing the boundaries of visual performance on all smartphones.”

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