The official version of Apple’s iOS 14.5 is here: what new features are there?

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Apple officially pushed the new version of iOS 14.5 system update, iOS 14.5 brings a lot of new features, it will also be the minimum software version required for the recently released AirTag tracking device. This means that Apple’s new privacy policy has come into effect. According to the new rules, apps need to seek the authorization of iPhone users before they can track their online behavior data using the phone.

At the same time, if the user wears an Apple Watch, iOS 14.5 also adds a new matching mask to unlock the iPhone through the Apple Watch, which solves the current difficulty of wearing a mask to accept the phone.

Finally, iOS 14.5 also brings tweaks to Siri, Apple Maps, Apple News and Podcasts apps, and many more small features.

Another change in the new version of the iOS 14.5 operating system is that privacy collection and disclosure will be a mandatory behavior for software developers, which is bound to change the rules of the game in the current industry. It means a lot to Apple.

This time, requiring app manufacturers to collect and disclose users’ privacy is a one-time practice. In the future, when users install software, if the software collects the privacy of an iOS device user’s online activities by “crossing multiple company software and websites”, the user must first obtain the user’s consent. Some experts in the Internet advertising industry say the warning message popped up on Apple’s iOS system will prompt many users to refuse permission.

All iOS 14.5 updates are as follows:

Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 3 and later can be used to unlock iPhone X and later when trying to use Face ID while wearing a mask

AirTag and Find

Track and find your important items such as keys, wallets and backpacks privately and securely in the Find My app via AirTag

Exact Find uses visual, auditory and haptic feedback to direct you to nearby AirTags using Ultra Wideband technology powered by the U1 chip on iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models

Positioning via the AirTag’s built-in speakers by playing sound

‘Find’ network helps you find your AirTag with hundreds of millions of devices, even if it’s not nearby

Lost Mode notifies you when an AirTag is found, and you can enter a contact phone number


Support for individual skin color selection for each of all kissing couple emoji and heart couple emoji

Added facial emoji, heart emoji, bearded woman emoji


Use Siri to announce incoming calls and who’s calling while wearing AirPods or compatible Beats headphones, and answer hands-free

Support for starting a FaceTime group chat by having Siri make a FaceTime call to a group of contacts or Messages group names

Let Siri call emergency contacts


App Tracking Transparency lets you control which apps track your activity across other companies’ apps and websites to serve ads or share with data agencies

Apple Music

Share your favorite lyrics via Messages, Facebook and Instagram Stories, and subscribers can play snippets in Messages without leaving the conversation

City charts show popular music in major cities


Podcast’s Shows Page has been redesigned to make it easier to start listening

Option to store and download episodes to automatically add episodes to the Library for quick access

Download behavior and notification settings can be customized on a per-show basis

Top categories in Charts and Search to help you discover new shows

5G improvements

Smart Data Mode Improvements Deeply optimizes 5G network usage on iPhone 12 models for better battery life and data usage experience

5G international roaming available with supported carriers on iPhone 12 models


Report accidents, dangerous road conditions or road construction along the way with Siri from your iPhone or CarPlay

Time of Arrival (ETA) can be shared not only while driving, but also while biking or walking: ask Siri to share it for you, or tap the directions card at the bottom of the screen, then tap Share Arrival Time


Reminders can be sorted by Title, Priority, Due Date, or Created Date

Added option to print reminder list


Long press the play button to adjust the playback speed of the translation

play games

Supports Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller or Sony PS5 DualSense? Wireless Controller


Easily share arrival times in Apple Maps while driving using new Siri or keyboard controls in CarPlay

This update also fixes the following issues:

In some cases the information at the bottom of the conversation may be obscured by the keyboard

Deleted information may still appear in Spotlight searches

Messages may have been unable to send text in some conversations

Some users can’t load new emails in Mail until they restart their device

The Call Blocking & Identification section may not appear in Phone settings

iCloud tabs may not appear in Safari

iCloud Keychain may not turn off

Reminders created with Siri may accidentally be set to wee hours

The battery health reporting system will recalibrate the maximum battery capacity and peak performance capacity of iPhone 11 models to address an issue with inaccurate battery health reporting estimates that some users have experienced

Optimized to reduce low light that can occur when displaying black backgrounds at low brightness on iPhone 12 models

AirPods’ AutoSwitch sends audio to wrong device

AirPods’ AutoSwitch notification may not appear or appear repeatedly

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